LAB 5×5

The C-Flow LAB cell benefits from the experience built up over two decades by our Electrochemical Engineering team.  All this experience has gone into the C-Flow LAB design, making it the easiest-to-use general purpose electrochemical cell you can buy.  The design is patent pending.

The C-Flow LAB cell is perfect for general purpose laboratory work. It can be rapidly assembled and dismantled and no tools are required. A special stand is provided to make assembly very easy. It can be used as a divided cell with a membrane or as an undivided cell. Variants include an air electrode, dished electrodes (for enhanced electrolyte flow rates) and transparent cells for teaching or research purposes. A range of sizes are available (the code number gives the electrode area in cm2). Gaskets and membranes can be supplied or a template is available if the user wants to cut their own.

  • A standard range of electrode materials are available including stainless steel and graphite. Other materials such as nickel, lead, coated titanium, boron-doped diamond, carbon composites or others can be ordered.
  • The Unique C-Flow LAB cell design allows the user to fit their own electrodes very easily; any thickness up to 8mm can be fitted.
  • Hand assembly, no tools required. It couldn’t be easier!
  • Ports for reference electrodes or other sensors.
  • Removable liquid flow development insert, allowing different flow patterns to be evaluated when necessary.
  • Stand for easy assembly. Place the cell in the stand to allow easy placement of gaskets and membranes during assembly.
Download the Datasheet
Watch the full assembly video
Download the case study

Exploded diagram of the C-Flow LAB cell

Exploded view of the LAB 5x5
  1. Rear plate assembly
  2. Current collector
  3. Electrodes
  1. Electrode gaskets
  2. Flow distribution frames
  3. Flow distributors
  1. Membrane gaskets
  2. Membrane/separator
  3. Front plate assembly

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